30 Steffi had always been inspired to volunteer and help others, but she didn’t know how to make a career out of that desire, until CUNY Law. At Teach for America, she taught first and second grade kids, who, she realized, had the threat of deportation hanging over their heads. She asked herself: what will their futures look like? How can I advocate for young people? When she found CUNY Law, she found a school that would acknowledge the real social costs of injustice and inequality. She was drawn to CUNY Law when she noticed that while other schools feature their professors, CUNY Law instead highlights its alums, and all the work they are doing to advance social justice.AtCUNYLaw,Steffiresearched the school to prison pipeline at the Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana in New Orleans, Louisiana. She interned with Atlas:DIY, The Bronx Defenders’ Immigration Practice, and UnLocal, Inc. providing pro bono immigration assistance to low-income community members. As a student, Steffi also interned for the Department of Justice in the Executive Office of Immigration Review at New York Immigration Court. After she graduated, she joined Atlas: DIY as an Equal Justice Works Fellow and is sponsored by the Paul Rapoport Foundation. Atlas: DIY empowers immigrant youth to unlock access to legal services, learningopportunities,andleadership development, in a space owned, run, andgovernedbytheyouththemselves. At Atlas:DIY, Steffi created the LGBTQ Legal In-House Clinic, which provides pro bono legal representation to low-income LGBTQ youth of color, with a special emphasis on the immigrant community vulnerable to human trafficking, violent crimes, and other forms of abuse. Steffi Romano ‘16 Equal Justice Works Fellow, sponsored by the Paul Rapoport Foundation Staff Attorney, Atlas:DIY 31 ACHIEVING REAL IMPACT