The Second Look Project: Beyond Guilt works with individuals, families, advocates, and organizations to end mass incarceration one person at a time as well as on a macro level.

The project creates partnerships and cultivates leaders in the field of decarceration to drive action through clemency, parole, compassionate release, resentencing motions, legislative remedies, media stories and op-eds, and grassroots community-based movements.

With roughly 9,000 people serving life and long-term sentences in its prisons, New York ranks among the harshest states in the nation.

Many of the 9,000 were teenagers when they were sentenced. Many are now in their 50s, 60s, and 70s. Many have served decades behind bars. And many suffer from myriad serious physical ailments. The Second Look Project: Beyond Guilt is the only organization of its kind that partners with and advocates for individuals serving life and de facto life sentences in New York State.