David Nadvorney, Director of Academic Support Programs, first came to CUNY School of Law in 1983 as a student in the inaugural class. Prior to studying law, he taught in SEEK programs at City College and other colleges in the CUNY and SUNY systems. After graduating from the Law School, he was a Fellow in Georgetown University Law Center’s Street Law Program, where he supervised second- and third-year law students teaching law classes in public high schools in Washington, D.C. While in Washington, he became active in the national street law movement, which seeks to bring practical knowledge of the law and the legal system to non-lawyers. He worked with the National Institute of Citizen Education in the Law (now Street Law, Inc.), doing training and presentations at conferences throughout the country. He came home to CUNY in 1988, as Associate Director of the Skills Center. He remains active in law-related education organizations nationally and in New York, and works with law students who teach in public schools in the City. Since becoming Director of the Skills Center in 1991, he has expanded the academic support available to include two summer programs and services to students through their fourth semester.

David Nadvorney Headshot