March 4, 2019 |

Cindy Soohoo is an expert on women’s human rights, the human rights of youth in conflict with the law, and human rights advocacy in the United States. She supervises the clinic’s work on reproductive rights and health, trafficking, and youth in the adult criminal justice system. Professor Soohoo is chair of the board of the U.S. Human Rights Network, a national network dedicated to building and strengthening a people-centered human rights movement in the United States. She is on the board of the National Economic and Social Rights Initiative and has served as co-chair of the American Constitutional Society’s Working Group on International Law and the Constitution and as a member of the national board of Law Students for Reproductive Justice. Prior to coming to CUNY, Professor Soohoo was the Director of the U.S. Legal Program at the Center for Reproductive Rights. She is a co-editor and frequent contributor to the Bringing Human Rights Home Law Professor Blog and the Reproductive Rights Law Professor Blog.
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