March 7, 2023 |

Office Hours – by appointment (in-person and telehealth are available)


As a psychological counselor, Tricia’s foremost responsibilities lie in fostering the wellbeing and promoting the personal and professional success of our students. She accomplishes this by offering a range of valuable services, such as psychological counseling, referrals, outreach initiatives, and psycho-educational programming. Additionally, Tricia serves as a resource to faculty and staff members who are in a unique position to identify and support students who are in distress by connecting them to counseling services.


Dr. Tricia Lawrence Savané is a dedicated Psychological Counselor with a passion for guiding students towards achieving their personal and professional goals, ultimately helping them become well-rounded graduates. Recognizing that each student brings their unique perspective and needs to their academic journey, she firmly rejects the “one size fits all approach, employing a range of tailored, trauma-informed treatment modalities to ensure the best possible fit for everyone. With unwavering dedication and compassionate, empathetic approach, Tricia empowers her students to navigate their academic journeys with confidence, fostering an environment where every individual feels a sense of safety and belonging in the counseling office. Tricia received her Master’s Degree in clinical social work from Silberman School of Social Work, as well as a Doctorate in Social/Health Psychology from Stony Brook University. Her professional journey encompassed diverse roles and included serving as a psychotherapist, a Visiting Assistant Professor, and Director of Student Life at Suffolk University Dakar Campus, and working as a non-profit consultant overseas.