BY: Communications | DATE: Jan 18, 2024

Students work in classroom.From preLaw Magazine:

Why the Most Diverse Law Schools Have No Fear

A recent Supreme Court decision threatens diversity at elite schools. But more diverse schools have no fear; they were founded with students from underrepresented groups in mind.


Scrapbook cutout graphic with an image of Dean Setty with a quote, "“We have a long-standing holistic admissions process that looks at the background and aspiration of applicants... and looks at the entirety of their experience.”In its most recent issue, preLaw Magazine found CUNY Law to be the most diverse law school in the nation based on the magazine’s analysis. The magazine grades law schools based on how well they support and provide a strong environment for students who identify as Black, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American (as their rankings are described). This continues the Law School’s ongoing domination of the ranking and features quotes from interviews with Dean Sudha Setty and Gayla Jacobson, Director of Admissions, Enrollment and Dual Degree Programs.


Scrapbook cuotout graphic of Director of Admissions Gayla Jacobson speaking with a student, with the quote "At CUNY, the admissions team understands the nuance that goes into people’s life stories, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds."To determine the ranking, preLaw looks at each school’s percentage of students who identify as people of color (which counts for 50% of the school’s total score); the percentage of professors who identify as people of color (25% of the total score); and diversity services offered by the school (25% of the total score).CUNY Law earned an A+  Hispanic, Black and Asian students. The top school in our ranking, it was the only school to earn an A+ for more than two of the categories the magazine considered.


Read the feature article by Jack Crittenden and see the rankings charts on Diversity in Law Schools.