BY: | DATE: Nov 30, 2022

In this monthly series, clinics are invited to share their latest news, including clients and cases, calls to action, and community organizing. Here’s what’s new in December 2022.

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Associate Dean for Clinical Programs Carmen Huertas-Noble’s induction into the Cooperative Hall of Fame includes a video celebrating Carmen’s longstanding commitment to promoting worker cooperatives as one of the best ways to help people overcome the effects of structural racism.

The Defenders Clinic has submitted its 2022 clemency appeals to the Governor and continues its work on the vanguard of the issue. Among the applications is that of Arthur Canteen, for whom students led an online campaign, which included a petition and details about his story. Co-Director Steve Zeidman was joined by Richard “Lee” Chalk, Judith Clark, and Grego Mingo, who won clemency, at an event presented by the Craig Newmark School of Journalism to build awareness of the greater need for clemency.

Professor Lisa Davis, Co-Director of the Human Rights and Gender Justice Clinic, serves as Special Advisor on Gender Persecution to the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court and led the dialogue on “Persecution by gender, racism and/or ethnicity in transitional justice.”

The Immigration and Non-Citizen Rights Clinic has launched a new litigation and policy project. New York State has made recent headlines for its policies on marijuana legalization, but as Professor Talia Peleg points out, “Most legalization efforts, even in self-proclaimed ‘progressive’ states, have largely failed to address immigration harms.” INRC evening students and the Immigrant Defense Project will be leveraging the 2021 Marihuana Regulation and Taxation Act which enables immigrants to “petition New York courts for record clearance that saves them from deportation and other draconian consequences for marijuana offenses.”