CUNY Votes ~ Voter Registration Information

Student Government leader Nowmee Shehab poses for CUNY's voter registration campaign
Student Government leader Nomee Shehab '21, Student Government Co-President from 2019-2020, poses for CUNY's voter registration campaign.

CUNY VOTES is a comprehensive, non-partisan initiative to promote student voter registration, voter participation, and voter awareness through campus-based activities, external partnerships, and University-wide campaigns.

Every CUNY campus has a designated Voter Registration Coordinator. They can help with registering to vote and questions about events or activities for voter registration and to get out the vote on campus. Reach out via email to contact Amanda Beltran and Amanda Rios, your campus coordinators.

Every New Yorker has more than a dozen elected officials who represent them, ranging from the President to the Chair of your Community Board. Look up who they are here.

In New York City, you can earn some serious cash by working in a variety of poll worker jobs, including election inspectors and interpreters. It’s also a great way to be directly involved in the democratic process. Find out more here.

A student fills out a paper voter registration form

A How-To-Guide for Registering to Vote

Registering to vote is easier than you think, especially using CUNY’s special registration form accessible directly on CUNYfirst. Take a look at CUNY’s guide to figure out your best option.


New York State General Election

Deadline to update your address
Mon, October 23, 2023
If you move, you must notify the Board of Elections of your new address by this date to vote in the general election.

Absentee ballot request deadline (online or by mail)
Mon, October 23, 2023
The Board of Elections must receive your absentee ballot request by this date. Request your absentee ballot.

Voter Registration Deadline
Sat, October 28, 2023
We’ve partnered with Turbovote to make registration easy. Register to vote.

Early Voting
Sat, October 28, 2023 – Sun, November 5, 2023
Vote early in person before Election Day! Find your early voting site and hours.

Absentee ballot request deadline (in person)
Mon, November 6, 2023
Deadline to request an absentee ballot in person. Find your borough Board of Elections office.

General Election Day
Tue, November 7, 2023
Polls are open 6am-9pm. Find your poll site.

Deadline to return absentee ballot
Tue, November 7, 2023
Last day to postmark your absentee ballot or drop it off at a poll site. Find your poll site.

Deadline for Board of Elections to receive absentee ballots
Tue, November 14, 2023
The Board of Elections must receive your absentee ballot by this date.

However, your ballot must be postmarked by November 7 to be valid.