Beryl Blaustone, Professor Emerita, received her B.A. in Latin American & Chicano Studies, magna cum laude, from the University of Minnesota, and graduated as a member of the founding class of Antioch School of Law. She practiced law in Washington, D.C., in the areas of immigration, international human rights, workplace benefits, and employment discrimination, and served as a Commissioner of the District of Columbia Human Rights Commission. A founding faculty member of the Law School, she has contributed to the multidisciplinary design of the curriculum. Recognized as a leading authority in the field of alternative dispute resolution, she has been a practicing mediator for more than 30 years, and has published in the areas of dispute resolution theory, professional role theory, and professional skills theory.

Professor Blaustone teaches evidence and mediation, which includes the EEO and Disability Mediation Project. She has trained mediators for court and community programs in several jurisdictions and has taught courses at several law schools and universities. Nationally and internationally, she has advised universities, colleges, private organizations, and public institutions on program design. She serves on numerous committees and boards of professional and community service organizations.

Why I Teach at CUNY Law

“I teach at CUNY School of Law because I want to teach law students who are committed to making a positive difference in the actual lives of their individual clients and in the well-being of their client organizations. I teach here because a predominant percentage of our student body is dedicated to securing greater social justice within our communities, the nation, and worldwide. As a founding faculty member, I came to build a law school that would humanize the law school experience. I have stayed at CUNY School of Law because I am inspired and enriched by our student body.”

Professor Blaustone's Teaching Repository

A founding faculty member of CUNY School of Law and Founding Director of the Mediation Clinic, Main Street Legal Services, Professor Blaustone has contributed to the multi-disciplinary design of the curriculum. This repository shares some of her work, outlined in an index and then available through linked documents and video content.