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Locate attorneys. Includes attorney ratings calculated by Avvo using a wide range of criteria.

Findlaw Lawyer Directory

Useful for laypersons looking for an attorney to represent them, including information on how to hire one. Search by state and/or area of practice.

Martindale-Hubbell Lawyer Locator

New York

New York State Attorney Search

Includes all licensed attorneys in the state, not just those who pay or sign-up for a listing as provided elsewhere. Maintained by the N.Y. State Unified Court System.

Judicial & Court Directories

U.S. Courts Federal Judiciary Home Page
New York Judicial Directory

Information about judges in New York state courts provided by the NYS Unified Court System.

New York State Unified Court System

Law School Directories

ABA Approved Law Schools
Law Library Online Catalogs (WashLaw)

Provides direct links to law library catalog search pages. Mostly U.S. law schools, but includes some other types of law libraries and a few Canadian law libraries as well. No longer being updated as of June 2019.