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Note: for non-legal information about NY State, visit our NY State & NY City Information page.

New York State Legislative Information

New York State Assembly
New York State Senate

Statutory Codes and Chapter Laws

New York State Laws

Provides access to the New York statutes, bills and legislative resolutions. Click on “Laws of New York” under the Search heading to access the statutes. Provided through the New York State legislature.

HeinOnline New York Legal Research Library

Includes NY session laws back to 1777, NY law reviews and bar journals, NY Attorney General Reports & Opinions back to 1890, the NY State Register back to 1979, “legal classics” (mostly historical treatises) on NY law, and more.

New York State Laws from Findlaw

Findlaw offers access to NY state laws and provides a keyword search feature in addition to browsing. The accuracy of this keyword search mechanism is unknown, but you can try it if you don’t have access to any other service for searching NY statutes by keyword. Remember to keep an eye on how recently the statutes have been updated.

Legislative History

New York State Assembly Legislative Information System

Includes access to New York bills (by keyword or bill number), legislative reports, legislative calendars and other information. Bills can also be searched through the newer New York State Legislature site.

New York State Bill Jackets

A digital collection from the NY State Archives that provides pdf copies of bill jackets from 1995 – 2009.

Open Legislation

Provided by the NY State Senate, this site includes NY bills and resolutions in full text, daily transcripts of Senate legislative sessions, legislative calendars and actions, the ability to view legislation by sponsor, and more.

The Legislative History of a New York State Law: A Tutorial & Guide to Library Sources

A step-by-step guide to doing legislative history in New York, provided by the New York State Library. In addition to the tutorial, take a look at the separate page on legislative intent for additional helpful information. If you have access to Westlaw, many of the legislative documents mentioned in the tutorial are available in the NY-LH database (from 1996 on; check the database “i” link for complete coverage information). If you don’t have access to Westlaw or your documents fall outside the time frame of that database, the only library in our area that has legislative bill jackets is the New York Public Library’s Science, Business and Industry Library.

New York State Executive Branch Information

Office of the Governor
Office of the New York State Attorney General
New York State Attorney General Opinions

Can be searched using keywords or browsed by opinion number, subject or relevant statute.

State Attorney General Reports & Opinions – HeinOnline

Includes all 50 states plus Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Coverage goes back to inception for many states (including NY), and content is being added to eventually provide coverage back to inception for all states. More information is available in the publisher’s pdf brochure. Available only to current CUNY School of Law students and faculty.

Administrative Agencies

New York State Government Agencies

Provides links to Web sites of New York state, county and local government agencies.

Administrative Regulations

N.Y.C.R.R. – The New York (State) Codes, Rules & Regulations

This is the online version of the New York state administrative code, provided to the public by Westlaw through a contract with the N.Y. Department of State – Division of Administrative Rules. Users can search the text of the regulations or browse the regulations using the hyperlinked table of contents. The individual regulations include dates indicating when they were last updated. Consult recent issues of the N.Y. State Register for any changes since the online code was last updated.

New York State Administrative Rules – New York State Register

Provided by the N.Y. Dept. of State’s Division of Administrative Rules, this page provides access to online copies of the New York State Register, a weekly publication of state administrative rules. Issues going back to June 25, 2003 are currently online for free (use the links by year). The text can also be searched going back through 2007.

N.Y. Department of State – Division of Administrative Rules

The agency responsible for publishing N.Y. State Rules. Provides information on the N.Y. state administrative rulemaking process, including their publication Rulemaking in New York.

Administrative Decisions

Below is a selective list of pages containing administrative decisions of individual N.Y. State agencies. For decisions of other agencies not found here, check the agency Web sites, which can be found using the New York State Government Agencies page.

Environmental Conservation Hearings & Decisions
Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) Advisory Opinions
Judicial Conduct Decisions – see also the list of Appealed Decisions decided by the N.Y. Ct. of Appeals
Open Meetings Law Advisory Opinions
Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) Decisions
Special Education Appeals – SRO Decisions – Office of State Review, N.Y. Educ. Dept.
Unemployment Insurance Appeal Board – includes links to UI Appeals Board decisions
Worker’s Compensation Board Decisions

New York State Judicial Information

New York State Unified Court System

Official homepage of the New York State Court system. Includes links to homepages of some individual courts, selected court decisions, a guide to New York courts, selected court rules and legal forms (mostly family and surrogate’s forms at this time).

New York State Courts E-Filing System (NYSCEF)

The New York State Unified Court System has established NYSCEF, a program that permits the filing of legal papers by electronic means with the County Clerk and the courts in certain case types in designated venues, as well as electronic service of papers in those cases. Training videos and other materials are provided.. For more information contact NYSCEF’s Resource Center: 646-386-3033 – EFile@nycourts.gov.

New York Court of Appeals Homepage

Includes court rules, information about the court and its judges, as well as recent decisions. For earlier decisions, see the N.Y. State Law Reporting Bureau’s Official Reports page.

New York Court of Appeals Records & Briefs – HeinOnline

Contains records and briefs for cases reported beginning with 1 N.Y.3d. Available only to current CUNY School of Law students and faculty.

New York Official Reports Decisions

Decisions of NY State courts going back to 2003 can be browsed by date or searched. This is part of the New York State Law Reporting Bureau site (see separate entry below).

New York State Law Reporting Bureau

This is the homepage of the bureau that prepares all N.Y. Court of Appeals, Appellate Division and selected lower court decisions for official publication. This site includes the Official Reports Style Manual, guidelines for how lower court cases are selected for publication and information on publications of the bureau, as well as New York Official Reports Decisions.

Google Scholar – Search for Legal Opinions

Select the “cases” button, select your court(s) and run a search. Coverage includes N.Y. Court of Appeals, N.Y. Appellate Division and N.Y. Appellate Term cases since 1950. Trial courts are not shown as a choice, but at least some N.Y. trial court decisions appear in the results as well.

New York Judicial Directories

Information about judges in New York state courts provided by the NYS Unified Court System.

New York Criminal Jury Instructions

This Internet version is now the official publication of NY Criminal Jury Instructions and replaces all previously published editions in print format.

Public Access Law Libraries in New York

New York State Legal Forms

New York State Unified Court System Forms

Miscellaneous New York State Government Information

New York State Official Homepage
New York State Association of Counties

Find county homepages and other information.


A collection of statistical sources provided by the New York State government.

Other New York State Legal Research Sites


An excellent collection of primary sources and relevant websites.