BY: Communications | Professor Rebecca Bratspies | DATE: Sep 02, 2021

Adding to The Center for Urban Environmental Reform’s (CUER’s) highly acclaimed series of environmental justice comic books, Professor Rebecca Bratspies and artist Charlie LaGreca Velasco are again teaming up to produce a new comic book.

Troop’s Run, which will be book 3 of the Environmental Justice Chronicles, follows Troop Theibould as he is persuaded by young activists Mayah (Mayah’s Lot) and Bina (Bina’s Plant) to run for mayor against establishment candidate C.C. DeNier.  Troop runs for public office on a climate justice platform, joining forces with like-minded candidates to create a climate slate.

This scene is about halfway through the book, when Troop launches his campaign.

Like the earlier comic books, Troops Run is intended for school and community audiences, and is part of how the Center for Urban Environmental Reform is helping build the next generation of urban environmental leaders.

Stay tuned for updates on this new release, and revisit “Maya’s Lot” and “We All Count.”