Our three dual degree programs:

  • JD/MPA in Law and Public Accountability with the John Jay College of Criminal Justice
  • JD/MA in Forensic Psychology, with the John Jay College of Criminal Justice
  • JD/MIA with City College’s Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership

Each of the Master’s programs has slightly different requirements, but each dual degree program allows a student to earn the two degrees in less time than it would take to complete each separately, because the programs have agreed to recognize some of the classes from the other program toward its degree.


  • You must indicate on your application whether they are interested in a dual degree program, and if so, which one.
  • You must be admitted separately to each program.
  • You can get law school credit for classes taken at one of the partner institutions for classes taken after you have matriculated at the law school.


You must provide a copy of their letter of acceptance offering admission to the partner school as soon as you determine that you will enroll in the dual degree program.

The deadline for you to seek approval for one of the dual degree programs is the last day of classes of the 1L year.

You must meet with an advisor at each of the partner schools to approve your program plan before the end of their 1L year.

At the Law School, your advisor will be the faculty liaison for the dual degree program for which you’re enrolling.

You must complete the Dual Degree Program Request Form indicating that the advisor at each school has approved the program plan and list your projected schedule for completing the requirements for each degree.

The form must be signed by your advisor at the Law School and at the partner CUNY institution (your Law School advisor should be the faculty liaison to the dual degree program in which you are enrolling), the Associate or Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, and must be submitted to the Registrar’s office.

Each program plan will indicate the school that will be your “home” school for each academic year in which you are engaged in the dual degree program.

You can take classes at the school not designated as your “home” school through the CUNY “E-Permit” process.

You should be aware that the Law School operates on a different calendar than the other CUNY campuses, and you should plan accordingly when registering for classes.

Financial Aid

You must apply for financial aid to the school designated as your “home” school for the academic year.


You will pay tuition based on the tuition scale of the school designated as your “home” school for the academic year.

Visit our Dual Degree academic program page for information about the specific course requirements for each program, in addition to the requirements for the JD.