We believe a legal education shouldn’t be attained at the expense of the ability to care for family, advance careers, or earn income. We’ve designed the course load, student activities schedule, and support services to work for everyone.

Application Requirements

Everyone at CUNY Law knows the Evening Program is something special and believes in the value that you bring to our classrooms, clinics and mission-driven work.

You bring an unparalleled range of experiences to our Law School community that enhances the program for everyone. Whether you’re looking to go to law school while balancing family or work commitments, seeking to gain new expertise to level up your career, or answer the call to follow your passion for service to others, our Evening Program makes it possible.

Our students are paralegals, teachers, doctors, grassroots organizers, public employees, policymakers and more by day, who come together in the evening and form their own tight-knit group supporting one another’s successes.

Applicants for first-year admission must submit the following, in accordance with our policies, to complete an application file for review by the Admissions Committee:

  • a completed 2023-24 application (submitted electronically through LSAC.org on or before May 15th)
  • a non-refundable $60 (U.S.) application fee;
  • a personal statement;
  • a resume;
  • an active and complete CAS subscription, including a recent LSAT score and LSAT Writing Sample
    (Please note that to be considered for Fall 2024, the last accepted LSAT scores will be the April 2024 LSAT);
  • two letters of recommendation;
  • if you answered “yes” to any of the Character and Fitness questions on the application form, you must attach an addendum with a complete explanation, including relevant dates.

Transfer applicants and re-applicants for readmission may have different or additional requirements. All applicants are encouraged to carefully read and follow these instructions before completing and submitting an application. It is strongly advised to submit your LSAT Writing Sample promptly. It is the responsibility of the applicant to allow for possible delays in processing by the Law School Admissions Council and ensure that it is available for viewing on your CAS Report by our posted deadlines. Applications will not be evaluated for admission without the LSAT Writing Sample. Please contact the Office of Admissions if you have questions or you do not understand any part of these instructions.

Applicant Deadlines

First-Year Entering Students Application Deadline

  • Fall – Apply by May 15th (April 1st is the suggested deadline for International applicants)
  • Spring admission is not offered to first-year entering students.

Transfer & Visiting Application Dates and Deadlines

  • Spring – The application opens on October 1st. The application is due by January 1st.
  • Fall – The application opens on April 1st. The application is due by July 1st.

The review of an application begins only once it is complete; early application is advised.

Application Information

Submit your application electronically via the LSAC website.

Check Your Application Status Online!
If you have already applied online through LSAC website, you may check the status of your application.

Visit our J.D. Program Admissions page for more information about how to apply.