Reciprocity Policy

The Career Planning Office of CUNY Law School shall provide use of its career planning services to the students and alumni of other law schools according to the terms listed below:

Access to career services is provided on a one-to-one exchange basis. Access will be granted to students and alumni of other law schools providing that CUNY Law School students and alumni are granted similar use of the career services from the requesting law school. Furthermore, once CUNY Law School has accepted a student or alumni from another law school, CUNY will not accept any others from that school until a CUNY Law School student or alumni is granted use of the career office of that law school.

Access to CUNY Law School’s Career Planning Office will only be offered to schools located outside the greater New York City metropolitan area.

Services available include use of the Career Planning Office Resource Center and 3-month access to our on-line job bulletins through Symplicity unless there are different level of services that the requesting Law School would provide our students or graduates. As a general rule CUNY Law’s policy will provide the same level of services that the requesting Law School would provide our law students or graduates.

Students and alumni from other law schools will not be permitted to participate in on or off-campus interviewing programs or the resume referral program of CUNY Law School.
Upon acceptance of a request for use of CUNY’s services, a student/alumni will have access to the career planning services for a period of up to three months.

CUNY Law School reserves the right to deny requests for access to the career planning office received from students or alumni of law schools, which do not, in turn, grant access to their career services to students/alumni of CUNY Law School.

Requests for career services must be made in writing by the Placement Office of the visitor’s law school. Requests must be made at least one day in advance and visitors are asked not to appear with letter in hand requesting our services. Requests should be directed to and “Reciprocity Request” should be noted in the subject line.