The AV Dept. maintains the Auditorium’s multimedia system, as well as the SMART Board classroom Technologies used throughout the School. We also manage and support all Zoom technology, including meetings, webinars & recordings.

AV Support

For AV support, call 718-340-4288 (x84288 from inside the building). The AV Dept. also supports third party events hosted by the School.

For all AV equipment loan requests; e-mail and include the following:

  • Requestor’s full name & phone number, exact date, start and finish time and location of event.
  • List of equipment requested.
  • Whether equipment use training is required.


Internal-use telephones are located throughout the building. If there is a problem with an internal-use telephone, please report it to technical support by calling extension 84456, or via email at

Phone Operation Instruction Manual

General Policies

  • Requests should be made at least 48 hours in advance.
  • Where instruction in equipment use is desired, the request should be made at least 72 hours in advance.
  • Equipment must be requested by faculty or staff only (student requests need to be made through the office of the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs; See below).
  • CUNY equipment is for official use only.

Report any damage, vandalism, or theft a.s.a.p. to the AV Dept. in writing.

Equipment Loans

If the equipment delivery or retrieval time is outside AV Dept. hours, the requestor must complete an equipment loan agreement and agree to be responsible for the safe return of equipment.

Events outside of normal AV Dept. hours that require AV’s presence, must get approval 2 weeks in advance. If technical support is required for an event, please call us directly at 718 340 4288 or at x84288.

Student Organizations

All student organization AV requests must be made through the Office of the Asst. Dean of Student Affairs. If approved, that office will forward the request to the AV Dept.

The delivery and retrieval of equipment must take place during normal business hours. Events scheduled outside normal business hours must be made with at least two weeks notice. Students may not complete equipment loan agreements.

When using Law School equipment, students may not charge admission or otherwise violate applicable copyright laws. Any changes to equipment needs must be emailed directly to Any changes to rooms, times, or dates, must be sent to both the Office of the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and