CUNY CIS employs comprehensive management processes that identify potential impacts that threaten the IT assets of the University and its colleges.

The CIS Security function will provide a framework of policies, assessments, tools and tested procedures for building defensive strategies and capabilities for effective responses to safeguard the information technology interests of CUNY and its stakeholders.


CUNY requires that all students, faculty and employees follow these Cybersecurity Best Practices to maintain a secure working environment.

CIS is advising the CUNY community, especially students, about the so-called “Secret Shopper” and “Gift Card” scams that many students have received.  More information on the scam is available at: How to Protect Yourself Against Secret Shopper, Personal Assistant, and other Online Scams! 

Security Training

CUNY IT Security Awareness Course

All staff, faculty and students are encouraged to take this 40 minute security awareness program.

IT Security Information

Internet Search Engines: Clearing the index and Cache

Security and Higher Education Links