CUNYfirst (Fully Integrated Resources and Services Tool) allows students to manage their academic careers and financial accounts in real time and more. It gives faculty additional tools to enhance their interaction with students. It is also designed to give staff access to powerful processes that connect with the finance, student administration, and human resources functions necessary to operate the nation’s largest urban university. CUNYfirst uses the latest technology to serve our students, faculty, and staff.

The “My Personalizations” menu option lets users switch from the current CUNYfirst interface to a layout that better accommodates visually impaired users and assistive technologies, such as screen readers and magnifiers.

If users are aided by assistive technologies, they should change the CUNYfirst interface layout for the CUNYfirst Portal (home) and each CUNYfirst pillar they have access to.

Note that Personalizations are specific to each pillar and the Accessibility feature must be separately enabled for each pillar (CUNYfirst Portal, HR/Campus Solutions, Financials Supply Chain, Customer Relations Management, Enterprise Learning Management and Enterprise Performance Management).

My Personalizations Instructions

The following instructions are for visually impaired users who want to take advantage of a more accommodating CUNYfirst interface layout.

From the Enterprise Menu for the CUNYfirst pillar functions currently in use:

  1. Choose My Personalizations
  2. Select the Personalize User Options button
  3. Choose Use accessible layout mode. Details for each options are:
  • Use accessible layout mode: Rearranges the content—to a linear format, enhancing field focus, rearranging table layouts and simpler navigation—to better accommodate assistive technologies for the visually impaired.
  • Accessibility features off: The default setting. The CUNYfirst interface looks like it did before the My Personalization menu option was added.
  • Use standard layout mode: Enhances field focus only.
  1. Select OK.

The accessible layout mode takes effect the next time you log in to CUNYfirst.

  1. Log out of CUNYfirst
  2. Log back in to CUNYfirst


CUNYfirst is designed to allow a variety of personal CUNYfirst user options that can be separately available for each pillar (grouping of base functionality, such as Portal, HR/Campus Solutions, Financials Supply Chain, Customer Relations Management, Enterprise Learning Management and Enterprise Performance Management) the user can access. To allow users this level of customization, the Accessibility feature must be separately configurable for each pillar even though it is the only “My Personalization” option currently available. If a user can access more than one pillar, the user will see a “My Personalizations” menu option for each pillar.

There are two possibilities:

  •  You need to save the changes, then log out and log in to CUNYfirst in order to see the page layout changes.
  •  There is a separate “My Personalizations” menu option for the page layouts corresponding to each CUNYfirst pillar (grouping of base functionality)—the page layout you are viewing may not have been changed.

No, users can revert by choosing another CUNYfirst page layout option in “My Personalizations > Personalize User Options”

No, users do not have to change the default “Accessibility features off” if they do not use assistive technologies or want to change the CUNYfirst page layout.