BY: | DATE: Aug 21, 2023

CUNY Law is proud to announce the latest expansion of our City Counseling program, one of our signature access initiatives to match our alumni’s unique understanding of justice to New Yorkers across the city in need of free or affordable legal support. Increased funding, as well as the addition of more City Councilmembers and program sites, marks a significant milestone in our commitment to community outreach, legal education, and civic partnership.City Counseling Attorney Keith Allen ’09 addresses a crowd of New Yorkers


Over the past decade, the City Counseling program has played a pivotal role in providing many thousands of New Yorkers with essential legal information, assistance, and referrals. This success is attributed to our unique collaboration with City Council Members and State Representatives. Central to this work is the involvement of our mission-driven alumni, who not only exemplify the values of CUNY Law but also foster invaluable goodwill across New York City.

Today’s announcement highlights the program’s continued growth. With allocations from the current year’s budget, we have secured increased support from 16 Council Members and procured funding from three citywide initiatives, including the Immigrant Opportunities Initiative. The program’s financial backing has increased by $50,000 compared to last year, allowing for the introduction of resources from four new funding sources and districts, accumulating an impressive total program budget of more than $400K. It’s heartening to note that six partner districts chose to significantly augment their funding, a testament to the program’s efficacy and impact. With the increased funding, the program is looking to increase its pool of contract attorneys.

City Counseling Attorney Keith Allen ’09 sitting and smiling at the camera

“The Community Counseling Program has been transformative. Beyond professional development, it has offered a platform to genuinely give back. A notable instance was when I assisted a constituent from CM Crystal Hudson’s district, who was facing challenges with her retirement income. A few strategic interventions led to a successful resolution, and the gratitude expressed by the beneficiary underscores the program’s significance.”

-City Counseling Attorney Keith Allen ’09


We’re proud of the work all of our alumni attorneys are doing through the City Counseling program, and we look forward to the year ahead.

For further details and inquiries regarding the City Counseling program, please contact Lisa Reiner.