New York State Skills and Values Requirements

To be admitted to practice in the state of New York, the NY Court of Appeals will require you to comply with its Skills Competency Requirement and Professional Values Bar Admission Requirement

In addition to the exams, there are three other requirements for bar admission in New York.

Skills Requirement – every CUNY Law graduate automatically meets this requirement based on required course work. (If you are a transfer student, consult with the Academic Affairs Office.) The law school must certify that you possess the skills necessary for practice and competence in professional values.

50-Hour Pro Bono Rule – almost every CUNY Law graduate meets this requirement by meeting the clinic requirement. (If your clinical placement is with a for-profit firm, consult with Florence Kerner, Director of Bar Prep and Licensing, about how to meet this requirement.)

Character and Fitness. Application– In New York, the Character and Fitness Application is submitted after you pass the UBE, NYLE and MPRE and are applying for admission. You are reminded that, as noted in your application for admission to CUNY School of Law, you have an ongoing responsibility to notify the Law School of any and all subsequent changes in the information contained in the application and/or during the period of enrollment. This means that, if there are any facts or incidents requiring disclosure (such as traffic violations, arrests, changes in academic credentialing from institutions outside the law school, professional licensing events, etc.), you must notify the Law School to ensure compliance with the continuing disclosure requirement. You are also responsible for determining the possible impact of any such information on your character and fitness application.

Study Support

Our comprehensive bar exam support includes focused courses, one-on-one and in-class skills development, and study planning support as well as one-on-one mentorship between graduation and when students sit for the bar exam.

Preparing for the bar exam and licensing begins the day you arrive on campus. At the core of our academic program is the commitment to training students to be effective and practice-ready lawyers upon graduation – which means every student meets all bar and licensing requirements through our curriculum.

For anyone intending to practice law in New York State, studying we provide a singular advantage: you’ll meet the necessary 50 Pro Bono hours and New York Skills and Values requirements in the course of your academic study via experiential learning in our clinics and lawyering seminars taken by every student.

All of our faculty and staff see bar and licensing requirements as essential elements of being practice-ready and are part of the process. From our Bar Study Mentoring program, Bar Study Grants, and unqiue core doctrine course during your final semester, you’ll have a clear path and be surrounded by support throughout your time at the Law School. We’ll also be there with support, resources, and more when it’s time to study.