Procurement Office

We purchase goods and services on behalf of the Law School.  Purchases must follow NYS law, NYS procurement Guidelines and CUNY Procurement policies and procedures. Purchasing Office manages the acquisition of commodities and services for the Law School’s departments.

Purchase Requisitions:

The Law School like other CUNY campuses uses the CUNYFirst procurement module to process requisitions, and Purchase orders.

Each department is responsible to enter a requisition for services or commodities.

Purchase Orders (P.O.’s):

Once the requisition clears the budget check, Procurement reviews the requisition, determines and follows the appropriate procurement method, and issues a purchase order or contract.

In addition, the Procurement Office is responsible for: Contracts; Vendor Relations; Vendor registration; MWBE compliance; Liaison with CUNY Central Procurement; Compliance with NYS Procurement Thresholds; and State and City advertisements.