Schedule Builder

Our online registration using Schedule Builder optimizes student exploration, planning and building of class schedules for the upcoming semester.

What is Schedule Builder?

Schedule Builder is a visual tool designed for students to explore, plan and build their class schedule for the upcoming semester. With this tool, students can arrange selected courses into a conflict-free timetable grid, making it easier to see what available options best fits into their personal and academic lives.

How to Access Schedule Builder

  • Go to the following link into your browser:
  • Log into CUNYfirst using your credentials and proceed Student Center.
  • Click the “Launch Schedule Builder” link under the Academics Tab,to access the application.

*Be sure to allow pop-ups in browser

How to Use Schedule Builder

  • Once the application opens, Schedule Builder’s Welcome page should appear. Select the term in which you would like to search for classes directly on the Welcome page.
  • By default your home college is pre-selected. Next, choose your preferred instruction mode for your classes. Once finished, you can begin to search for classes.

How to Search

  • In the Select Course field, type the course number, subject name, title or instructor’s name.

*Note: If an online class is added to your schedule, it will not appear on the grid.
‘This schedule includes online classes’ will be displayed along the calendar grid to alert you of this change.

  • Select “Advanced Course Search” for more search options. Options are available for you to specify and combine additional requirements to refine your search results.

How to Search for Classes Based on My Student Group

  • To search for classes reserved specifically for your student group, click on ‘Advanced Search’. In the drop-down menu under ‘Course Attribute’, select your student group and click ‘Search’. Combine additional requirements such as course subject or session to refine your search results. All classes reserved for your student group for the term will be listed below. Select classes you’d like to add to your schedule or classes for which you’d like more information.

How to Use Filters

  • By default, closed classes are not included in search results, but waitlisted courses are. However, you may choose to include/exclude closed and/or wait listed classes by selecting the Filters button as shown in the image below.
  • Sort by gives you options for searching classes based on the time of day.
  • Select and/or drag on the calendar grid to block out times that you cannot or prefer not to attend classes.
  • Reduce your schedule results by choosing which session you prefer to take classes in the term.
  • At the bottom of the page there is a visual timeline which displays all the added classes in order, based on each session. Select and/or drag on the timeline to see your schedule from week to week.

How to Add Courses from DegreeWorks Using Plan or Worksheet

  • To import courses still needed to fulfill degree requirements, select “Plan” or “Worksheet”.

*Note: Not all CUNY Colleges use “Plan”

*Note, under the field labeled Select Course, students may have a pre-arranged Plan set up by their college through DegreeWorks. Any courses that have been included as part of a Student’s Education Plan will import into their course list to save time.

Students can view a summary of their degree audit or may select the “Still Needed” tab to view courses necessary to fulfill degree requirements. From here, students are able to select classes that will automatically add to their course list.

  • Schedule Builder will generate schedules for the desired course(s) that have been selected. To add or remove a course from your list, check or uncheck the box, on the left, in front of the course name. Your generated results will show all possible schedules for the classes you have selected.
  • Review the generated results. Browse the results by clicking the right and left arrows on the screen or by using the arrows on your keyboard.
  • If there is a class section you prefer, pin it to ensure class section and specific meeting time is always returned in the generated results. Pin a class to the schedule by selecting it directly on the grid.
  • Open Class Details to see specific class information, such as class time, class location, and the number of available seats in a class.

How to Save a Preferred Schedule

  • If you are unable to enroll immediately, save your preferred schedule as a favorite. You can have up to (5)      favorites saved under different names. Options are available for you to share this link with others as well as yourself. You may also print the schedule and keep it for your records.

How to Enroll for Classes

  • Once you’ve created the perfect schedule, select Get This Schedule, then choose the action that best suits your needs.

How to Validate your Shopping Cart before Enrolling

  • Before enrolling in classes, you may choose the option “Add to Cart”, to add courses to your shopping cart.  After completing the action, click on ‘Do Action’.
  • To validate the shopping cart, click on Return to “Select Courses” and select Validate Shopping Cart.
  • Check your results to ensure you are able to enroll in the class in your Shopping Cart

How to Enroll for Classes

  • If you are ready to enroll, and you’ve found a schedule that you like, select Get This Schedule. Be sure that your actions are all set to Enroll and then Do Action.
  • Upon enrolling, you should see the word Added in the Results column. If not, try to resolve the issue in the displayed message or contact an academic advisor.
  • Once you enroll with 12 or more credits, an Enrollment Encouragement selection may be displayed under your classes.

*Note: Not all CUNY schools will have Enrollment Encouragement.

How to Adjust your Schedule after Enrolling

  • To drop a class, select the trashcan to the right of each course you are planning to drop.
  • Click on Get This Schedule. Beside each course you plan to drop, the word Drop should be in the Action column.
  • If the class is successfully dropped, you will see the word Success to the right of the course under the results column.

How to Swap a Course

  • Search and select the course you would like to enroll in.
  • Next, select the open trash can icon on the course you wish to drop. Select Get This Schedule and then Do Action.
  • If the class was successfully swapped, you should see the word success to the right of your newly enrolled class.

How to Swap a Section

  • Click on the dropdown beside the class number.
  • Choose the section you would like to swap for.
  • Select Get This Schedule and then Do Action.

CUNY Schedule Builder Guide