How to Apply for a CUNY e-Permit:

You apply for an e-Permit through your CUNYfirst Student Service Center.

Step 1: Navigate to the Student Self Service Student Center

Step 2: Go to “Other Academic” and select the “ePermit” option on the drop down menu.

Step 3: Select the term for which you want to apply for an ePermit, select the “Add ePermit” radio button, and then hit the “Continue” button” to proceed.

Step 4: You will be taken to the “Browse Course Catalog” page where you will choose a school from the drop down menu and browse for the particular graduate course for which you are seeking to enroll.

Step 5: After you’ve selected the course, click on the “ePermit form” button to continue.

Step 6: Review the information, ensure that you’ve selected the correct term, enter any comments you might like to include and the click the “submit” button. Your ePermit request has been initiated.

Once submitted, the status of your ePermit request can be checked by returning to your Student Center, and choosing the ePermit option on the “Other Academic” drop down menu.

If your ePermit is approved, the status in your Student Center will be “Approved.” An auto-generated email will be sent to the Law School’s Registration Office and to each potential HOST school

Please note: Applying for a permit doesn’t register you. If the e-permit is approved by both your home institution and the host institution, you will need to obtain registration instructions from the host college.

Cancelling an ePermit: You must cancel the e-Permit application online if the course you wish to take is closed or if you no longer want to enroll in the course prior to the start of the term.

Cancelling an ePermit Request or Course: It is the student’s responsibility to cancel the course registration at both the HOME and Host schools as well as the ePermit request. The student must do this prior to the start of the term in order to avoid a tuition liability.

The Law School’s academic calendar differs from the University-wide academic calendar, so be sure to obtain the host school’s academic calendar.

Taking Courses at Other ABA-Approved Law Schools

In order to take a course at another ABA-approved law school, a student must submit a “Request to Take Classes at Another School” form as well as a “Non-CUNY Permit” form to obtain permission from the Office of Academic Affairs.

Credits will be transferred only for courses that were previously approved by the Academic Dean and in which a student receives a grade of “C+” or better. Transfer credit courses will be entered as “Credit” on a student’s CUNY School of Law transcript and will not be calculated into a student’s GPA. Courses that are graded Pass/Fail will not be accepted.

(Transfer credits do not count toward the four CUNY Law elective courses that a student is allowed to take CR/NC.)

Taking Graduate Courses at Another CUNY Institution

CUNY students matriculated in one institution of the University may take courses at other CUNY institutions if the credits will be accepted towards degree requirements. If you would like to take a graduate course at another CUNY institution, you will need the approval of the Academic Dean and then you will need to file an ePermit request in your CUNYfirst Student Center.

CUNY Policy requires graduate students to have a minimum cum GPA of 3.0 to be eligible for an ePermit. Non-degree students aren’t eligible to apply for an ePermit.

Click here for the “CUNY Permit” form to submit to Academic Affairs.

Students who obtain an ePermit to study at another CUNY institution pay tuition and fees to their home school.