The Clinic believes that systemic issues call for systemic solutions developed in response to demonstrated need and alongside leaders who have first-hand experience and knowledge of how the issues are affecting individuals and communities.

Planning with Parents Project

A new initiative that began in 2017, the Planning with Parents Project is both a resource bank and advocacy effort developed in response to immigrant communities’ need for education on their rights and representation to defend them in the face of targeted ICE raids and deportation. The result is an array of tools and current legal information and updates for advocates, lawyers, and immigrants with children.


Guide to Becoming a Guardian Without a Lawyer

Because the outcome of guardianship proceedings are very serious, can deprive a person of many rights, and because the process is complex, the Clinic recommends that all individuals who are able to hire an attorney. But in recognition of the reality that many individuals cannot afford to hire an attorney, the DAJC developed a resource to help explain the process and make it possible to navigate Article 81 guardianship proceedings.

Note: This is a general source of information and is not a substitute for legal advice from an attorney