INRC and CLEAR teams of students, staff attorneys, and supervising professors work with real clients in real time throughout the year. Every student has a litigation docket; their cases make international headlines, set new legal precedents, and advocate for the rights of non-citizens.

On the Docket

Moath al-Alwi’s Case 

The INRC student team Melissa Smyth, Mudassar Toppa, and Diana Palacios work with supervising professor and clinic co-director Ramzi Kassem to represent Alwi, a man who has been held in wartime detention at Guantanamo Bay for 17 years and whose appeal the Supreme Court has refused to hear.

“That Moath remains behind bars although the courts found no evidence that he ever used arms against the United States shows just how inhumane both the government and the law have become in these cases.”

– Prof. Ramzi Kassem

Abdi Mohamed’s Case 

The INRC & CLEAR Project student team of Maria Marroquin, Katie Roussos, and Wilkyris Bautista are working alongside Profs. Tarek Ismail and Talia Peleg to represent Mohamed who was detained while lawfully entering the country after the “Muslim Ban” was allowed to go into effect.

“He did everything required by the law. Yet even though he was stamped in as a lawful permanent resident, he’s now languished in detention in separation from his family for the past 17 months.”

– Prof. Tarek Ismail