The mission of the Immigrant & Non-Citizen Rights Clinic is to provide a platform for the exploration, development, and implementation of ideas and strategies to close the growing legal divide between citizens and non-citizens of the United States of America.

The clinic empowers the rising generation of social justice lawyers to confront the degradation of the rights of citizens and non-citizens alike under the guise of homeland security and public safety and motivated by oppressive and discriminatory forces. The Clinic’s objectives are carried out in our legal representations—where we press for progressive, humane and fair interpretations of the law on behalf of members of the most excluded, marginalized, and criminalized groups—as well as through policy and advocacy projects in partnership with community-based organizations.

The INRC was one of the first immigration law clinics in the nation and has a distinguished record of litigation and advocacy in support of communities and their organizations. It remains separate and apart from other clinics because it explores a multiplicity of facets to non-citizenship advocacy and maintains the belief that rights should not be bestowed or denied based on citizenship or geographic location; the U.S. government is the actor denying rights and using the law to deliberately and swiftly create harsh and unjust consequences such as detention and deportation. The INRC examines the problem historically because while these violations are heightened, they are not new.


Navigating Criminal and Immigration Law for Noncitizen Clients

Guide: Will a Criminal Court Case Affect My Immigration Status? Issues to Consider for Immigrant Clients in Criminal Court

INRC and the Immigrant Defense Project have collaborated to create a comprehensive guide for noncitizen clients facing pending charges in criminal courts. This resource, now available in EnglishSpanish, and Haitian Creole (Mandarin forthcoming), provides essential information on the immigration consequences of criminal proceedings, the risk of ICE involvement, and considerations for noncitizens during open criminal cases.

Challenging Gang Allegations Against Immigrant New Yorkers

Online Toolkit 

We launched a web-based Toolkit to help challenge gang allegations against immigrant New Yorkers, particularly those who are subjected to aggressive enforcement efforts on Long Island. The Toolkit is a compilation of resources aimed at preventing and protecting against gang allegations, challenging and defending against gang allegations in immigration proceedings, and documenting the unreliability of gang allegations and aggressive police practices.

The Toolkit contains pro se materials, practice notes, sample documentation, template letters, and various compiled materials that can be used to assist individuals facing gang allegations in proceedings before immigration court, when submitting applications to USCIS, and in schools.